After many months of silence ‘Healthier You’ is live. Produced in association with the British Dietetic Association a great team of dietitians (Angie Jefferson, Linia Patel, Duane Mellor and Johanna Hignett) and I put together this ezine. It’s specially for you, the consumer.

There’s plenty of noise on social media, TV, magazines and the rest on what to eat, what’s good for you, what’s bad for you. It’s so loud it’s not just confusing, much of it is plainly WRONG. Opinions and personal experience dominate and this is where ‘Healthier You’ can help. What you read in this magazine is strictly evidence based and is supported by sound science.

Pressure on the environment is increasing. Greenhouse gas emissions are associated with food production and there’s an increased demand for food as the population grows. We’re being urged to moderate the amount of meat and increase the amount of plant-based foods we eat. Plant-based eating can help add more choice, colour, flavour and nutrients into our diets.

Everyone has their own personal preferences about what they eat, how much they eat and how often they eat. ‘Healthier You’ has been specially written to help YOU work out what’s best for YOU and your family in terms of eating a nutritious healthier balanced diet.

Read the first edition of Healthier You by pasting this link into your browser…….

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